Monday, September 6, 2021

Home Decor

 Now that I am over my jet lag I feel like I can get my act together on this blogging life. 

The kids started back to school the day after we got home. Remind me to not plan a trip like that again. Yes! The kids are back to full in person school. Last year we had some back and forth that was really tough. But we are finally back into a somewhat normal routine. I am officially living that sahm life where I can get some cleaning, alone time,  and some TV watching done. 

I can focus on some decorating projects. I have been so focused on what I should do or not do that I wasn't actually following through with my ideas. So I decided to just do them and sit with them. I can always change things up later. This last week I had one of those very moments. My friend was in town for the day and we talked about another idea I had for my office/studio. She thought it might be pointless because we are moving again. (Maybe soon, maybe not) But I really wanted to just move in and finish projects. The next day I was just needed to do something creative. 

A little back story. It was the anniversary of my Dad passing away suddenly. I always never know how to feel exactly. I felt moody, numb, sad, not sad. It's always a guessing game to be honest. I needed a good distraction. Since the kids were at school and I had the house all to myself I got to work. 

Originally I wanted to print out sheet music to my own songs to put them all over the wall. Then I found this little book of sheet music from old hymns in some of my dads old stuff. I decided I would use those instead because it is what I had on hand. I figured I would pick ones out but as I sat there looking through all of the titles I realized a new/better idea was born. The names of these hymns were so encouraging. "Jesus heals a broken heart", "God answers prayer", "My Redeemer", etc. I felt like I was taping up the full armor of God onto my wall. I got emotional. It turned into something that it was meant to be. I love when that happens. I am thankful to be able to notice when it does.

Floral: Michaels, Sheet music: Family, Mirror: Five Below


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