Monday, March 30, 2020

If the world was ending...

What a bizarre time we are living in now. There's been some days this last week that we've driven around just to take a ride. It's like living in a ghost town in some places.
I want to go to the movies. I want to go bowling. I want to go to Target for crying out loud. 
Out of boredom we even signed up for Doordash just to make some extra money. I mean why not right? We aren't doing anything else might as well make some extra money. 
If you read my old post over the summer "Freedom"
you will see that we have been following the Dave Ramsey program. We were doing it based off of the baby steps that can be found on Pinterest and listening to his podcast. Well, thankfully Dave Ramsey is now offering Financial Peace University as a two week FREE trial on his website. We've been binge watching all of the videos. It's gotten us fired up for the future. It's got great information on how to avoid making stupid financial decisions. Which we have in the past for sure. 

I know this might sound boring to some people or hard to do. But I've heard so many stories of people paying off thousands of dollars in debt. Paying off their houses in just a matter of years!
That's insane to me! Even single parents are doing it. We weren't in that bad of a hole thankfully. But we've managed to get through the first 4 Baby Steps in 8 months. 

It's worth it! You're stuck at home anyway! Might as well make a plan for the future once this craziness is over and we can go back to normal.


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