Friday, March 22, 2019

Fashion Friday {High Hopes}

As promised I am back with something to talk about. This blog started out as an outlet for my fashion creativity, DIY, home decor. Basically all about my life. It's a place where no rules apply. I can write about whatever I want and it's out there for the world to see. I've gone from simple fashion posts, travel posts, my musical journey. I've even written posts about being a cancer survivor, grief, infant loss etc. I'm all over the place but that's the case with any real friendship right? You take the heavy with the light. You have fun but then you are there to hold your friends hand. 
I bet you are guessing what kind of post you are going to get today?
This is a get to know me post actually. Just a simple post about life and dreams. I hope you can bear with me.
Have you always known what you wanted to do with your life? Did you find your passions at a young age? Did you stumble upon them as you went through life? 
I have had many passions and dreams. 
I was told that I once wanted to be a violinist. I'm not sure I remember that one very well. 
I feel like from birth though music was coursing through my veins. I was deeply affected by music. I even remember writing my first songs in Kindergarten. Cheesy little love songs because I was a boy crazy little girl. I will admit that! I even remember in elementary school going to the backyard and sitting in the sun with my little artistic hat on that I got from my great-grandma. I would write notebooks full of songs, poems, and stories. Deep down I always knew what I was destined to be. I feel like maybe I lacked the over the top encouragement that I desperately needed. But all in God's timing right? 
Then came fashion. I would sit with my colored pencils and design outfits. I played with the idea of going to design school. Honestly, I can't draw at all! Another thing I have no problem admitting. 
I was even called the fashion police by my parents. That eventually evolved into what you see today and I was able to make all my fashion dreams come true by being a fashion blogger. 

The moral of the story here is don't give up on your dreams and your passions. There will always be an outlet in some form for you to use them or fulfill them. We are living in an interesting and exciting time. You should always do something you are passionate about whether its a career or a hobby. 
I hope you find this inspiring! 
Happy Friday


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