Friday, December 1, 2017

Fashion Friday {Girl Power}

 The last couple months have been at a standstill for me. I was on such a roll with writing music and making progress. Then everything stalled for a bit. I kno[w it's something to probably get used to. It did allow me to focus on being a mom and wife for a bit. Mostly "mom" because the hubby was gone for about six weeks and I had my hands full. But today finally I got back on track with my music. It's like slowing down in a race and everyone is passing you by. Soon enough that second wind kicks in and you're in it to win it! I can't wait to finish this project and see where the next chapter takes me. Hopefully somewhere! 

Happy Friday everyone! 

Top: Ross, Jacket: Windsor, Skirt: Forever21, Boots: Belk, Necklaces: Stylesforless



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