Friday, November 24, 2017

Fashion Friday {Thanksgiving and Black Friday}

 I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving! We had a quiet one at home. I wanted it as stress free as possible. No guests meant no one to impress with a super clean house and a million homemade recipes. I took a cue from one of my friends and got some microwavable dishes that tasted just like homemade. Then got a small turkey breast that was just enough for us. Found an awesome recipe on Pinterest that is officially our new turkey recipe. It was that good! Then the boys fell asleep. Caleb barely got through dinner before he started to fall asleep. Then since we had nothing else to do. Riley really wanted to experience some Black Friday shopping. So we went over to Target right when the doors opened and the line was HUGE! I've worked at Target before for on Black Friday and I've done way later in the day. But I've never stood in line for a sale. It was crazy everyone running for all the deals. I was there for one deal and one deal only. I wanted Outlander season 2 on blu-ray. Yet, I still managed to snatch up some other stuff while we were there. 
Now, today on the real Black Friday I find myself using all my self control to not buy more stuff. I've been staying away from the ads, emails, and sites. I've stayed at home so I won't be tempted to go into the stores. It's been soo hard! I wish you brave souls all the luck in the world while you go out on your Black Friday shopping! 

"May the odds ever be in your favor".

Kimono: Forever21, Top: Forever21, Boots: Urbanog, Skirt: Wetseal


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