Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Conversations with a seven year old

{Daddy on the phone talking to his soldiers}
Daddy every time you talk to your mates you sound so low and serious

{watching sister act 2} 
Is this in the olden times?

What's the olden times 


...... No it's in the 90's

Daddy tucked me in at the wrong time. So me and Claire {doll} watched the sunset.

Riley: How much farther is it?

Daddy: Like 20 more miles

Riley: 20 aisles!!!

Mommy: We can go to the library and check it {how to spell a word} out in the dictionary.

Riley: What's a dictionary?

Mommy: A big book with all the words in the english language. It tells you what the word means and how to spell it.

Riley: Isn't that on the computer?

Mommy: HAHA This is what we used before the internet Riley. 

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