Thursday, September 11, 2014

Back to school

Last week was Ri's first day of school. Yes I bawled my eyes out day of and night before of course! My little baby started kindergarten and left me to be alone all day. They sure do grow up so fast. It felt like she was going off to college not sure if that's my pregnancy hormones or just being a mom. But those first couple days were torture I must say! How do moms do it all the time. 

She of course was so excited. No issues at all. She's been waiting weeks for the first day. With her frozen backpack and her new school shoes. We even did a back to school fashion show that she totally loved. 



  1. oh my goodness look at that little fashionista with sass! Happy first day of school!

    1. Isn't she like the coolest kindergartener!? Haha thank you she's having a blast in school!


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