Friday, September 26, 2014

Fashion Friday Casual Chic

A little update for you.
I'm finally feeling better in this pregnancy which is such a huge relief. Now I can really enjoy it. This little man is still kicking away all day long practically. He's strong too! It feels like he's drumming some beats in there. He is about a pound and a  half now as I am 24 weeks/ 6 months now. And he's good and healthy and looking good in his ultrasound. He even gave us a thumbs up which we did get a picture of. So now all that's left is picking out the perfect car seat, the perfect stroller, and the fuzziest little blankets for my little man. It has been hard finding cute clothes for boys.
Anyone have suggestions ? I'd love to hear about some unknown places that I haven't tried yet. It does feel like I'm starting over since it's been so long. But also because it's a boy and I'm so used to girlie stuff. 

Jeans: H&M {exact}
Top: H&M {similar}
Vest: H&M {similar}
Boots: Stylesforless

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