Sunday, September 14, 2014

Thing I'm Loving

This last week was the first full week of Ri's new schedule. 
I'm getting used to her being gone all day. It can get kinda lonely though. So now it's time for cleaning/nesting and projects to be done.

She also started her dance/gymnastics class this week. She was soo excited and so cute too!

Another big deal this week! I finally made my first purchase ever at an H&M!! I know isn't that nuts. I've never really spent time in the store before. I was on a mission for decent maternity jeans because it's getting cold really fast here in New England. I needed to get prepared. There's rumor that we are in for a bad winter too! Yikes!! We went to the biggest one near us. Ri of course fell in love with the store! It's now her absolute favorite! I walked away with a few pieces to continue to get me through this pregnancy. 

Oh and I'm on the cover of renew magazine's latest issue

Until next week....  :)
H & M Clothing Haul

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