Friday, July 25, 2014

{Conversations with a Five-year old}

"I wasn't meant for messy when I was born"

Mommy : can you be quiet I can't answer you and listen to GPS at the same time
Riley: are your ears not working today ?

Mommy: We need to get our nails done again

Riley: For real

Riley: mommy you want some juice?
Mommy: no
Riley: what a fuddy duddy

Riley: can we go to the grocery store
Mommy: we have to make a list first. Your cousin is requesting chicken cordon bleu
Riley: is that food? 

{Listening to Adele}
Riley: she "set fire to the rain"
Me: yep
Riley that's crazy 

{watching back to back cleaning commercials}
Riley : no oxi clean is better so we'll see about that

You want Lysol? It keeps your family safe

Riley: How old are you mommy?
Mommy: We don't speak of it.
Riley: How old are you daddy?
Daddy: 28
Riley: That's guys are going to have white hair soon.


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