Saturday, December 1, 2012

{DIY} Christmas Decor on a budget...

I've been hard at work all week making my own Christmas decorations this year. I have definitely been inspired by this side of the country. It's history and character etc. This is my first time doing the color scheme throughout the whole house. It's small enough that I can and it all works. First I wanted to make a banner for the fireplace mantle. I saw a few on pinterest and decided on this idea. I just searched printable letters and settled on this old typewriter font from Martha Stewart
cut out slightly larger circles from my own scrapbook party. I strung with curling ribbon that I already had too. Simple and cute and didn't cost anything.

 I had to take advantage of having this gorgeous fireplace mantle to work with this year. It's great to be living in middle of the woods practically. I just went outside grabbed a few twigs got some cheap white spray paint and put them in vases with fake snow I already had.
If you are planning on making any of your decor. I strongly suggest thrift stores like the Salvation Army or dollar stores. I got so much great stuff at the dollar tree. This wreath that I just wrapped with beaded garland that I already had. As well as these really cute stocking hooks, glass candlestick holders, fake flowers. I also just sprayed painted an old perrier bottle a friend left at my house.
Next I'm always doing some kind of creative centerpiece for the table. It's such a huge focal point during the holidays that I wanted something classic and elegant. As you can see I picked black, silver and white since I already had the ornaments and Miss Riley picked the purple.
During the week I went to the Salvation Army and found sooo much great stuff. I had to do my best to control myself and not buy the whole store! So much vintage glassware. I got these matching bowls as well as these silver trays. I just used ornaments and items from the Dollar Tree. I asked around my neighborhood for leftover wine bottles. I was going to paint them white but decided the green was pretty by itself. Oh the table runner was from the dollar tree too!

This gorgeous bowl I'm going to use for Christmas candy! Yum!


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