Thursday, September 20, 2012

Love a little bit of "Random"

So I decided we could all use just a random post to go along with our awkward and awesome thursday!  I love me some randomness! I had a very interesting week! In my first post I wrote about meeting a friend from my hometown. Well we have girls the same age so we have been hanging out pretty much every day. Exploring, going to park, just chatting. It's been great for a social butterfly like myself!

Last week I decided I wanted a piano! I've always wanted a piano but after starting up voice lessons again I really wanted music in the house again.  So I went searching on Craigslist list like crazy! I found so many that I loved but were out of my price range. My budget was pretty much $0. Kind of hard to find the exact piano I wanted for free. I was looking into a nice upright piano. Preferably black or even white. I really liked the vintage look, old beat up piano ...not too beat up though. To my surprise there were a few, a good handful of upright pianos for free. People are just dying to get rid of their pianos. I emailed like crazy getting measurements, pictures, locations etc. I found this awesome one that was perfect! It was no longer available. I kept searching.....Long story short I now have one waiting for me to pick up. Hopefully won't have too much to do it just tuning, fix one dead key. This piano is already black, measurements are perfect! We might just need to fix it up a little. But it's FREE! Can't beat free! Will be posting pictures as soon as I have it in my house.

I'm so happy my house is finally coming together! It's always rough when you are on a tight budget, and you keep moving. Meaning you always have a new house to fill or decorate. Our old desk didn't make the move so we opted to use this old vintage desk we had. A lot smaller and less storage but it was better than buying a whole new office set. After a few tries of re-painting it ( black of course). It was NOT coming together. Wrong sand paper, wrong paint, etc etc. I will leave the rest of the story for another DIY post. Everything is slowly coming together though which makes me happy!

Now onto the awkward and awesome part of the day/week.

Awkward: Meeting a new girl at a gym and all she can talk about is the other moms. Plastic surgery mom who doesn't watch her kids. Mom who doesn't speak english.....Extremely awkward I thought the gossip started on the second time you meet them.


While Redoing this old desk that belonged to a relative. The husband found a folded up piece of paper behind one of the drawers. Picture below
"Our thoughts are with you sorrow cannot conquer nor grief turn to despair when 
you know that there are others who understand and care
There is so little we can say, so little we can do, but may if help somehow to 
know our hearts go out to you."

Been going to town on all these Pinterest recipes. I love getting into cooking. I have been finding all these healthy recipes that taste great. Thank you Pinterest! ( Recipes for these dinners below)

Baked Chicken Milanese with Arugula

Easy Skillet Lasagna

Grilled Pesto Pizza

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