Thursday, September 27, 2012

Finally Fall Shows are back!

The husband and I are pretty big TV connoisseur's! I am a little like Tori Spelling in that way. I would love if I could have a tv in every room. A cute little tv in the kitchen while I cook or clean. I would love to have a tv in my room. Especially for those sick days where you just want to watch movies all day in bed. However, I am forbidden to have a TV in the bedroom.. husbands rules!

Anyways, as old favorite shows have ended or have been cancelled. It's time to move on and find some new ones to fill up the week.

New Shows:

Ben and Kate - Has potential to be randomly funny which is what I like. So we will see by the next episode.

The Neighbors: A little dated if you ask me. They try with newer references and what not. Just seems kinda silly.

Go on: New Matthew Perry show. Someone who loves FRIENDS it is so hard to get into a show where "Chandler" carries it on his own. I miss the friends cast, their chemistry was so natural and believable. So this is a maybe we will see how the season progresses.

Revolution: JJ Abrams new show. I never watched Lost. However, we are huge Fringe fans! Sadly it is Fringe's last season so we had to move onto something! It is an interesting concept, but I am still a little skeptical. It comes off a little cheesy, but if you like that "end of the world, people acting strange to survive" then this is right up your alley!

Partners: I didn't like it. Felt like they were trying too hard to be like Will & Grace and did not succeed. I tried it because I love Sophia Bush! But I just don't buy her dating David Krumholtz (Numbers, The santa Clause, 10 things I hate about you).


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