Monday, September 17, 2012

DIY: {Lace Vases}

There is one important thing to know about me and that is .....I LOVE DIY! (Do it yourself) I've been cutting, pasting, drawing little crafts for a little while now. I just love it even more when you can make your own home decor. How great not to mention cheap is that?! In the last couple of years my projects have been far and in between sadly. So I decided in our new house I want to do more. Sky's the limit! In our old house I made these cute collage frames, basically a framed scrapbook page! I would have preferred them in a cute shadowbox, maybe another time. They turned out really cute! I still have them up in my house now!

So I had a little spare time this last week and wanted to attack these plane kinda boring vases I had. I bought them for a New Moon Party I had.  (Yes! Don't judge I am a twilight fan) I had made my own "Ruffle Tulips" which is on the cover of the book. Anyway, I had these two vases with ugly little white rocks in them just hanging out on my fireplace. So I sat there looking at them for days trying to think of what I wanted. I saw on Pinterest somewhere a cute mason jar wrapped in sheet music. Then I saw tons of vases with lace on them and loved that look too. So hey I combined them together! Why not?!
So off to the craft store I went. Instead of buying lace fabric and cutting it up I just bought lace ribbon/trim. It was so much cheaper for such a tiny job. I got fabric paper glue which said it could go on fabrics and dried clear. That was my first mistake. I couldn't get it to stick at all it kept sliding all around the vase. It was basically school white glue. So I got frustrated of course. Searched around online and got more ideas. Basically, it was either a hot glue gun or glue dots. However, the store (Joann's) didn't have glue dots. I was on a budget so I opted for the mini glue gun in a cute little pink color. The whole project cost maybe $10 minus the vases, which I don't remember how much they cost. Most likely pretty cheap because they were from Wal-Mart. For the sheet music I just got sheet music scrapbook paper. I would have preferred the real thing, but these turned out fine too and I can always take them out and put something else in.

Wal-Mart Vases

Mini Hot glue gun w/ glue sticks


Afterwards on my fireplace

Clean Vase
Hot Glue Gun w/ glue sticks

Lace of your choice
Sheet of paper of your choice

Lace: Glue along side the edge of the lace with vase upside down made it easier to hold. Slowly wrap around bottom of vase. Enough material so it overlaps a tiny bit then glue together.

Paper: Fold paper the shape of vase (cylinder shape) spread so it is as close the inside of the vase as possible. Measure then cut off extra paper from the top. Glue (paper glue) the edges of the paper then just insert it in the vase. It's that simple and can be inter-changeable. Hope you enjoy!

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