Friday, January 28, 2022

Mindful Grounding {Mental Health check-in}

 I know life can feel overwhelming.... again. Now that we are back full force into life and busyness. Especially with the new year getting those goals crushed etc. Sometimes it can tend to feel like like a lot. I know I promised myself that I would lessen up. But I am still adding to my plate. I am not getting ahead of schedule. I wish time would slow down. Maybe, even that I work faster, or not need as much rest. But I guess that is the point. So, here I am being super transparent that I am still struggling with this myself. 

It's hard to have big dreams, and big goals. I know last time I talked about making lists etc. But my list keeps getting bigger and bigger. My ideas are flowing now and they won't let me sleep. 

With that said I have really appreciated this advice that was given to me several months ago. 


5 things you see

4 things you hear

3 things you can touch

2 things you can smell 

1 thing to taste.

1,3,10 Rule:

Think of  one word

3 deep breaths

Count to ten. 

These are great things for when you are stressed or feeling overwhelmed. Take a minute to do these things and then get back at it. 

Hope this helps you as well. 


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