Friday, January 14, 2022

{Fashion} Floral Peasant Dress/ pros and cons of listmaking

 You know what has been in my head a lot lately. Lists. Always with the lists. It came to my attention last night and into this morning as me and the hubby finished a show on our Netflix list and I was able to take it off. I'm not sure why I am this way actually. You put a list in front of me and I have to do those things on the list. Netflix titles it "My list" well that just makes me want to watch everything on there so I can check it off. This can be good and it can be bad. I did a little research on it. The positive is making lists motivate you. It helps you focus and when you cross those things you feel a sense of accomplishment. A visual, tangible thing that you can see. Also, it's a great way if you are feeling stressed by all the tasks you have to do, it really helps to be able to brain dump them on a piece of paper so you can easily see them and get them done. I feel like those are the main reasons I do the lists. 

The bad however, it's hard to be present. You are always thinking of either making lists or checking things off your list. It's easy to become obsessed with feeling productive. I am definitely guilty of those things. It's hard to stop in the middle of being productive to eat food, or go to the bathroom. You feel like you are on a roll and you can't stop. You want to keep the flow of thought, creativity, and all those great things. If it gets interrupted you lose it all. 

That can also be the result of a creative person though too. Still figuring that all out. 
Some good advice that I did hear in terms of being productive and list making. Is make shorter lists. A list of 3-5 things to only accomplish that day. That will help to make the list less overwhelming as well. Have I taken this advice yet? No ...not at all. My list just keeps getting longer. I even find myself doing things and getting them done but they weren't on my list. So I will actually write them on my lists just so I can check them off. It's still being productive right? So, why not?

Are you obsessed with making lists like I am?
Or are you normal? Please tell me I'm not the only one?

Side note:
I wanted to add more interesting content with my outfit posts. So this is todays outfit. A floral peasant dress. Paired with a leather moto jacket, faux leather booties, and fedora fat.



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