Monday, February 22, 2021

Ways to Cope


With last year being so crazy I've been focusing a lot more on mental health. It's always been important to me but now with the whole country taking a hit. It's even more important now more than ever. I wanted to put an emphasis on coping skills. How we handle stress and the day to day is so important.  These are some ways to cope with all that in a healthy way.
Coping Skills
Distraction: Conversation, listen to talk radio/podcasts, read, do puzzles, TV, computer games, solve a problem, make a list, learn something new, cleaning & tidying, gardening, arts and crafts. 
Grounding: Use body & senses: smell fragrances, slowly taste food, notice the colors around you. Walk on the grass barefoot, squeeze clay or mud, do yoga, meditate, exercise. 

Emotional Release: Yell, scream, run! Try a cold shower. Let yourself cry..and sob. Put on a funny movie and let yourself laugh. Try boxing, popping balloons, or crank up music and dance. 

Self Love: Massage hands with lotion, manicure your nails, cook a special meal, clean your house (or just make your bed),  take a bubble bath or long shower, brush hair, buy a small treat.

Thought Challenge: Write down negative thoughts then list all the reasons they may not be true. Imagine someone you loved had those thoughts. What advice would you give them?

Access your higher self: Help someone else, smile at strangers, pray, volunteer, do randomly kind things for others, join a cause. 



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