Thursday, January 7, 2021

New Year, Same thing

 I had every intention of writing a Christmas post and that didn't happen. Then I had every intention of writing a 2020 recap post. That didn't happen either. So before it's my birthday I figured I needed to get on this. Today the kids go back to school and I feel like the break never even happened. It was the only day that my youngest decided to sleep in. The first day back of setting alarms again. I will never understand that about kids. They sleep in on days they have to get up early, and they get up early when they can sleep in. They also stay up late and get up early, and go to bed early and still get up early. Never ending cycle. 

Anyway, I digress. I noticed now that it's 2021 a new year. We all kind of buy into this "New year, New me" mentality. Now there's a new trend of not putting that kind of pressure on yourselves. Anyone else tired of what everyone tells you what to do. "Everyone" meaning society, social media, trends, etc. 

What drastic measures are you going to take to change yourself from one night to the next? Covid is still happening. Our kids are still remote learning or for some lucky folks in different parts of the country have some kind of normalcy in that area. The country is still going insane. We overwhelm our minds with "I'm going to go on this diet." "I'm going to work harder with this addiction." But what does that do? It makes us cram all the bad behavior in before midnight. Eat all the junk you can because the very next day you have to change your thoughts, your feelings, your behaviors in that particular area of your life. True change can't be done overnight. We have to take one day at a time. Allow mistakes, allow the change to occur gradually. Here's the thing. New Years resolutions are a little pointless. It should be called "Goals for this year to possible attain. But if not its okay life still goes on. You have not failed". 

The idea of being a failure has been on my mind lately. We get so wrapped in the idea that if we don't do productive things. And do them perfectly we are a failure. Which 2020 was a huge test of that. Especially for stay at home moms. Our whole identity is wrapped up in the things we get done in a day. Keeping the house clean, doing the dishes and the laundry. Getting the groceries, and cooking meals. Maybe, if we had some leftover minutes in the day we can do something for ourselves. Oh if only. 

You don't have to be perfect at everything all the time. My desktop screensaver currently says "Progress not perfection". I think those are good words to live by for the new year. Let's just try one day at a time to be the better version of ourselves.


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