Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Christmas break {Christmas Movie list}

 Well we made it to Christmas Break. We survived our first (technically second semester of remote learning). While we are so thankful for the break. We are definitely apprehensive about the next school year. I can't wait to go back to normal. Not this new weird normal. 

So to bring some joy into the equation here we've been binge watching Christmas movies non-stop.

I've put together a list of our favorites must see every year with some newer ones or even ones you have forgotten about. 

Feel free to comment with your favorite Christmas Movie.

Classic Christmas Movies:

1} Home Alone

2} Home Alone 2

3}  Santa Clause

4} Santa Clause 2

5} Elf

6} A Christmas Story

7} A Christmas Carol (George C. Scott version is the best)

8}It's a Wonderful Life (we watch it every Christmas Eve)

9} Miracle on 34th Street

10} White Christmas

Honorable Mentions:

11} Four Christmases

                                                                    12} Bad Moms Christmas 


Christmas Movies you may have forgotten about:

1} Jingle all the way

 2} Jack Frost

 3}  I'll be home for Christmas

4} Christmas with the Kranks 

5} National Lampoon's Christmas vacation 



HULU/NETFLIX/Amazon/ Disney + worth watching:

1} Borrowed Hearts

2}  Holidate

3} The Holiday Calender

4} Noelle

5} Holiday In the Wild

6}Jingle Jangle

7} The Knight before Christmas











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