Friday, May 18, 2018

Fashion Friday {Fall In line}

Are you a Christina Aguilera fan? I've been from the beginning. I totally felt a connection with her music when I was in 6th grade. I thought to myself "Yes! Finally a girl who sings like I like to sing!" The rest is history! Now she has a new album coming out and I'm always excited about that. While I wasn't super excited about the first single. The latest "Fall in line" hits the nail on the head ya know what I mean. Talking about body image for young girls and how we were made for so much more than something to look at. I have no idea why that wasn't the first single because it is on fire! Now it's climbing the itunes top song list and I feel validated. Not sure who dropped the ball on that one. Especially nowadays with woman empowerment left and right. It boggles the mind! 
Anyway onto this weeks look.
The weather has got me feeling like fall/spring/summer all in one day and at the same time so when that happens you dress accordingly. The result is this.

P.S Yes that would be a Bluebird cafe tank from none other than my fave place Nashville. I still have yet to go there. One of these days. Also, I'm sad because Nashville the show is ending and I will miss it so much! 
Happy Friday ! 


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