Friday, January 5, 2018

Fashion Friday {Cheers to 2018}

Wow! It's been a fast week and it's already another year. A fresh new start on life. I love fresh starts! I love being organized, purging things I don't need, a clean house. I love setting new goals for myself and pushing hard to accomplish them. 
This year I promised myself less screen time, read more "real" books {hence less screen time}. I really want to develop more content that I enjoy putting out there. I want to live my most authentic life. Which means being honest with what I'm posting on the blog as well as my instagram account. Once my music challenge was over I was struggling with what else to post. I was riding the wave of being consistent with fashion and music. Once I took that break it was hard to get back on the wagon. Kind of like exercising for me. So let's get on this 2018 bandwagon of finishing what we start. 

This year I'm headed to the recording studio for the first time. I'm not sure where that will lead but we will see. I plan on getting my DIY home projects started and finished and blogged for you all to check out. I plan on doing some fun fashion challenges on top of the weekly fashion Friday posts. 
On top of all that adventures. Adventures is a MUST this year. 

I came across a verse this week. I thought it was so encouraging and perfect for me this year and hopefully for you.

Romans 12:6
"Since we have gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, each of us is to exercise them accordingly. "

We were given gifts. Time to let them shine! 

Sweater: Stylesforless, Leggings: Wetseal, Boots: Belk


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