Friday, January 12, 2018

Fashion Friday {Boho Hipster}

I'm going to tell you a fun little fashion story. There once was a girl. She as about 15 she loved everything about fashion and style. She didn't have a lot of money so she tended to wear hand me down clothes. She like to experiment with clothes and be creative in putting things together. One day she felt inspired by her sisters little bright yellow empire dress with little red cherries on it. She paired it with the only jeans she had at the time. Which were paris blue flared jeans I believe. She didn't care about what other people thought about her outfit. She stood out in the crowd with her naturally wavy hair, her knee length yellow dress with the red cherries and her flared jeans. 
Of course there were laughs from people even her boyfriend at the time called her a "banana". But she didn't care she thought she looked good.
Fast forward to present day when it's perfectly acceptable to wear dresses with jeans. In fact it looks much better as an evolved style. So here it is Dress with jeans 2.0

Who's laughing now?

Do you ever got one item of clothing or an accessory and it just changes your life. I've been wanting a black fedora hat so bad ever since my old one shrunk somewhere. But you know how it goes once you want something you can't find it anywhere. That seems to happen to me way too much. Then of course once you are over it then you find it everywhere. This time I got lucky and I found it last minute right before Christmas. I was browsing Forever 21 when I got some alone shopping time and there it was. I thought for sure it would be more money and that I wouldn't be able to buy it. I was wrong! It was a mere $10.90. Score!!! My life felt complete! I will most likely wear it all the time and with everything because it instantly transforms an outfit.

 I added a link to a similar one below. Still under $20 so still a good deal. Happy Friday everyone!!

Fedora Hat


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