Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Conversations with an eight year old

Riley: I tried to wait for you mommy but my tummy said "eat, eat, eat"

Mommy: Mommy needs a break

Riley: She means she doesn't want to take care of the crazy children.

{Going shopping}

Mommy: Riley I need to use your gift card.

Riley: Toys R us is also available. 

{Listening to her ipod before going to bed}

Riley: I put "All of me" on. That's a sleepy song.

{Watching an Aurora Teagarden movie}

Riley: Someone threw a body out of an airplane? How terrible. Must've hurt.

Mommy: Probably. 

Riley: Mommy sometimes I can't believe this is real life.
Mommy: You watching too much tv?
Riley: Yeah. 

{Riley finishing last few bites of dinner}
Mommy: Come on you can do it! I believe in you.

Riley: I believe I can. I believe I can fly. 

Mommy: Ok R. Kelly. 

Riley: Huh?

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