Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Recap

I hope everyone had an awesome Easter weekend. 
We had a pretty laid back weekend ourselves. 
One of the perks of living on a military base is that they always have community activities.
This Easter was a big carnival and a huge egg hunt. They should actually just call it an egg race instead. Those kids went crazy for a ton of bright colored plastic eggs just thrown across the grass field. We went on a couple rides and did games and some arts and crafts. It was a good time....minus the sunburn. 

Easter Sunday I made some awesome breakfast quesadillas. Just eggs, mozarella cheese, and pesto. 
I think we may be addicted to pesto these days. Church, egg hunt and then a very chill hike along kaena point. Which is an awesome but really long hike around the mountains in Hawaii. We didn't make it very far with two little munchkins in tow and the sun setting quickly. But we got a sneak peek. We will probably have to attempt it again before we leave. 


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