Thursday, March 26, 2015

{Conversations with a six-year old}

Mommy: Riley I'm so upset I pumped 3oz of milk and then I didn't close the bag right and it spilled on the counter and I lost an ounce so now I only have 2oz of milk.

Riley: Does that mean you have to squeeze more?

Mommy: Haha Yes!

Riley: Siri I have a new baby brother!

Siri: I bet you say that to all your apple products.

Riley: What's apple problems?

Mommy: Make sure you sit on the floor with your cup....I mean juice box.

Riley: You said cup, it's a juice box....CRAZZZYY MAMA

{Clipping baby's nails}

Mommy: That's my worst nightmare {cutting their little fingers}

Riley: But it's not a nightmare this is real life.

Riley: Mommy in minutemen did they have TV's and electronics?

Mommy: No

Riley: Then what were they fighting for?

Mommy: What is that?

Riley: Stickers from the store.

{pulls out blank price tag stickers out of pocket}

Mommy: You took that many? What are you a trash collector?

Riley: Just curious.

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  1. Hi
    Missing you, Evan and Riley's antics. Will you be out this way before heading over the big ocean to the west? XXXXXX


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