Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Here we go again

As I’m writing this my room is a disaster. Full of clothes, suitcases, gear, etc. I can’t even see the floor.
I’m checking off things off the list and stressing and worrying about what is going to go wrong while I live that single mom life…. Again.

No this is not a divorce post, or even a deployment post. This is just a weird chapter in our lives that we swore we would never do. We chose to live separately while he does the Sgt Major academy. A year long school in Texas.
We never would’ve chose this if our lives weren’t where they are now.

The kids are getting older and have a routine, a system. And on the backend of covid and remote learning and all that came after that. Uprooting and moving for a year just to turn around and move again.

So, here we are. Dreading the move, yet wanting to get it over with. I am treating it like a deployment in my head. It makes it easier that way. But also planning out our visits through the months, busying our schedule with activities and what not. It definitely makes the time go by faster.

Now I’m off for another getaway. Going to the mountains with my man for an early anniversary trip.

I highly recommend doing that with your spouse. Prioritize your time alone together. Even if it’s not a big trip just a weekend or week or whatever. Even if you need to do a "stay-cation". Go someplace within a couple hours but do something you’ve never done. Life is too short to just sit at home doing the same old thing. We already did that during quarantine right?!


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