Friday, September 18, 2020

Old Soul

 Fall is in the air. It's starting to cool down here. The snow isn't too far behind. I see some leaves start to accumulate on the ground. I'm starting to miss a New England Fall a little bit. Nothing beats New England in the Fall. The rich colors within the trees. The apple picking, and all the apple and pumpkin recipes. I got my favorite Fall/Winter Drink mix in the mail. I'm seriously contemplating bringing all my Fall decorations out and going to town! 

I must restrain myself. I have one more week until the kids go back to school in person. Then I think I shall take my sweet time and enjoy the creativity, the alone time. I'm finding joy in the slowdown. The blissful contentment in taking time to create something. UNINTERRUPTED.

I'm a firm believer in having Mommy breaks. A few hours, a couple days to yourself to make sure you are rested, filled up again. I thrive on it. I'm looking forward to some of that soon. 

Also excited to see what I come up with during that time. 

In the meantime. Let's get into Fall! 

What's your favorite Fall tradition?


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