Thursday, August 20, 2020

Back to {HOME} School

 We are in full swing of back to school stuff here. I really hate the unknown! Which I'm sure you can understand fully how terrible 2020 has been on my brain. I like to have all the information so I can make informed decisions. But It's really no different than being a military wife. Over a decade of being an army wife has prepared me for this pandemic!... Kinda...

 All the schools are doing things so differently. Even here all the counties are doing things differently. We were told later then everyone else that we will be doing remote learning for the first month then they will reevaluate. That answer doesn't help. Another month of the unknown. We literally have been mastering this "one day at a time" mentality. 

I haven't bought any back to school clothes. I attempted to buy "supplies" after a list was posted. Then this morning got a new list and didn't need a good chunk of the supplies. I know its frustrating for everyone across the country. It just feels so aggravating. So I think I'm just going to not do anything until the last minute. The perfect time to showcase my procrastination skills. Another thing I am really good at!

In the mean time while I get my end of summer and fall/winter act together enjoy the last few summer looks in the next few days/weeks! 


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