Tuesday, June 16, 2020



Anyone else feel so out of place these last few weeks? Maybe it's even been months. This year has been the most insane I've ever experienced. I'm sure the strangest one for everyone else as well. I've gone through many stages of emotions the last 6 months. We had our family changes then the worlds changes on top of everything. There's been fear, paranoia, worrying, strength, positivity, negativity, creativity. Going around in circles and finding myself back at the start again. There has been so many ideas on what to do with this forced new life, new normal. They all fall behind and I go right back to the same ol thing. I've found myself only being able to focus on one thing at a time. I got at it with 100% intensity. All of these things are compounded with what's going on in the world. It's all we are talking about. Every. Day. I am overwhelmed with the negativity, the violence, the hate (on both sides) It's almost as if the the joy and light is being snuffed out because of the volume of everything else. It's on facebook, it's on instagram. I don't even bother with Twitter I can only imagine it will be just the same. If you support you're doing it wrong. If you are silent you are picking sides. Whatever you say it's the wrong thing. You can't have an opinion. It will offend someone somewhere. I feel suffocated. I want a reset. Anyone else with me?


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