Friday, September 27, 2019

Fashion Friday {Fall is here.. oh wait nevermind}

 I know it might still be above 80 degrees almost everywhere I look. But I figured I would start getting these fall looks out so that everyone can pretend its nice and cozy. Even maybe prepare themselves a little for things they might like to get for fall. I hope I pretended well enough for you to believe I was cold. Because I was the complete opposite. This dress I found on clearance. I love a good deal. I was unsure for awhile but it's really a comfortable sweater material.
If you read our news a few weeks ago. We will be moving to Colorado very soon so I'm preparing myself for snow again. I haven't lived in a cold climate in almost 5 years now. We shall see if I can adapt again. If you have some cool places to explore in the Boulder area please reach out in the comments. I like to plan ahead. I want to start a bucket list so I can hit the ground running. 


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