Friday, August 30, 2019

Fashion Friday {Adventure Awaits}

Well the time has come to let you guys in on our little secret. No I am not pregnant! As most of you know or even if you don't know. The army will move you every few years usually. Sometimes less, sometimes more. We've gotten thirteen months in Hawaii when we were supposed to get three years. We've gotten two and half years in most places. We knew our time was imminent here in Georgia. 
We originally thought we would get North Carolina turns out it was not a position in North Carolina but in New Hampshire. Then we thought for sure we would get Germany. Once I got on board with that I searched all over trying to get as much information as I could get. I searched youtube videos and instagram. I even reached out to other blogger/army wives who were stationed there and asked for the low down. 
Then they basically said No you're not getting Germany. I admit I was getting excited about traveling all the other countries for really cheap. Unfortunately, that is how the military works. You have to hurry up and wait. You get your hopes up for cool places. You also get stationed in places you never even wanted to go to in the first place. I've learned you just have to make the best of your duty station. Explore all around the area and make great friends. I honestly can say that I've had fun in every duty station. It's been an adventure!
With that said we finally have come down on orders. After three full years here we now only have months left to enjoy. But this will be the longest place we lived in the fifteen years that he's been in the Army. 
He got the position we originally hoped for but didn't think we would actually get. We were told by some that it's actually really hard to get this position. He will be teaching ROTC at the University of Colorado. 
Yep! We are moving back to Colorado in a few short months. We last lived in Colorado Springs 2009-2012. After 8 years away we are coming back to the Rocky Mountains.
Excited to see my old friends and see what the new adventure holds for the whole family as well as my music, fashion, and photography career!


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