Friday, May 3, 2019

Fashion Friday {It's gonna be May}

I like the best of both worlds. I like a little country with my city and a little city with my country. I love being close enough to the city to enjoy it but also far enough away from the crowd. 
Lately I've been on a mission lately to try as much of the local places and see as much as possible before we are off to the next place. Which sparked a new blog post idea. So all things Savannah and surrounding areas will be coming to you soon. You can also follow me on instagram too get the day to day as well. 
Since I had family visiting I went to some of the favorite places one being Leopold's ice cream. I've been a handful of times now I plan on at least trying all the flavors but right now my favorite flavor is peanut butter chippy. 
But more on that in another post. 

I recently went shopping and found this cute little summer leopard dress. Yes! I know more leopard. I now I have a well rounded leopard wardrobe! Who doesn't want that?


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