Friday, April 12, 2019

Fashion Friday {Festival Fashion 2}

Hello! I'm back again with another Coachella inspired outfit. I'm happy to report that leopard is back in again for spring/summer 2019. Which I'm so excited about because I love leopard and animal print.
So it's a win-win for me. What's been your favorite trend for the season if you have any? 

I've been slaving away at my to-do list. I came to the conclusion that I don't know how people do it. When they have their hand in all these things. People like J.Lo for instance. How does she do it ? I'm brainstorming a lot of ideas and managing being a mom, and wife. I'll let you know when I got a handle on it. Not sure if I like being super busy yet. I will let you know on that too. I have been having a hard time focusing. I blame my impatience. I want everything done at once so I try to do it all at the same time. Maybe I should blame it on society telling me I can have it all. That I can handle it all. That's too much deep thinking for a beginning of a weekend. 

I thought we would have a little fun this friday. 
We are coming to the end of our fall tv lineup and I might be just now catching up on some shows but I wanted to share what I'm liking right now and what I'm ok with them cancelling. 

1: The Fix
A 10 episode mini series on Fox that Marcia Clark co-wrote (OJ Simpson Trial) 
While it's slightly intriguing it has a lot of OJ Simpson vibes and some not so good actors. If this was a regular show and not a mini series I would see it getting cancelled. But I will finish it through to see who killed who. 

2: Proven Innocent:
About a woman who was wrongly convicted for killing her best friend (supposedly). Now out of prison after 10 years she is now a lawyer on her crusade to help those falsely imprisoned. While she goes up against the same DA who put her away as well as still trying to solve her friends murder. There's a lot of familiar faces so it's worth checking out for now.

3: 9-1-1 
It's already on season 2 but the first season definitely gives you a lot of Final Destination vibes. A lot of crazy near death situations. You definitely fall for the characters as well. Definitely a good one. 

4: A million little things
I wasn't sure about this one but there were some familiar actors in it and I just binged the first season. It definitely gives you the feels. It's ABC's version of This is us. We shall see how long it lasts. It's definitely a complicated emotional show. 

5: The passage
At first I thought it was a new zombie show with ZACK MORRIS a.k.a Mark Paul Gosselaar which I was excited about. It turned out to not be zombies but vampires. It has a familiar vibe but I can't put my finger on it right now. He's great in the show just don't know if I want to do another vampire or zombie show to be honest. 

6: Manifest
A lot of familiar faces again and I just like to see them working. You like them in a previous show and it gets cancelled or ends and you root for them. They pop up again and it just brings me joy to see them still working and hustling! Intriguing plot about a plane that goes missing for 5 years but to the passengers its only been a day. Each new episode is a new mystery that feeds into the bigger mystery of how can a plane full of people just disappear. It's got Fringe and some X-file vibes. Worth it but not sure how long they can keep it going. 

7: Good Girls
Interesting concept but not original. Three normal ladies stumble into a life of crime and now every episode is how they get themselves out of it while keeping it a secret from their families. It's on season 2 now so we'll see how it goes. 

I'm sure you are wondering how I am watching all these shows.
First I am a Tv Junkie that will never change about me. 
Second It's on my list of things to do :)

Happy Friday!


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