Thursday, February 2, 2017

Scotland Day 1


We got our tickets out of atlanta so we decided to use the park and ride to make it an easier process. We parked and took the shuttle and of course we were there way too early. We ate airport food and watched funny instagram videos til our connecting flight.
After a little delay in New York we made it to Glasgow. 
We already had a car waiting for us. Our flight was late so I didn't get the whole seeing our name on a card experience but I still felt fancy just the same. We got to our hotel room. We stayed at the Glasgow City Hotel. It was so big! I was expecting it to be like European size. Especially since it was in the city. We got a nap in and then headed off for our hop on hop off tour. We had to figure out the bus stops but eventually found it. Those are seriously the best thing ever. I love that we can use it as our transportation all day long to all the different sites and pay a flat rate. We stopped at the Glasgow Cathedral first. I love old cathedrals! I love the intricate architecture. I didn't realize it before but we were later told that the hospital scenes in season two of Outlander were filmed here. 

 Next we went to the Riverside museum. That place was awesome! If you love anything transportation related you would love this place. Even if not there were other exhibits to see as well. They had old trains, buses, subway trains, and cars. Real size not a miniature size. They had a little city set up with shops to go in. My favorite was the photography studio. Outside they had this giant size couch made out of grass. Sounds strange but it was funny so we took our picture on it.

Since it was the end of the tour we decided to just get some food. We stopped at the Giraffe Restaurant and I got this amazing bread. I was so worried I wasn't going to like any of the food there. I'm kind of picky. But it was fabulous! Then we just walked back to our hotel room. It was a stress free first day.

Be on the lookout for the next part of our trip!

*Trip planned by Barbara Oliver of All Together Now Travel
*All photos taken on iphone for Day 1 



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