Sunday, February 12, 2017

Can't stop the feeling

Today is my birthday! 
It's finally here. I've had awhile to get used to the fact that I'm turning 30! I want to say I got here kicking screaming, clinging to my 20s like no other! But I'm trying to embrace it wholeheartedly and rock this age like I've always done. Like my dad always said "choose happy"
I woke up this morning feeling like a girl on fire. I thought I would be depressed and stay in bed all day. I've gone through an enormous amount of things in my short 30 years. Being an army wife in itself is a big deal. You need a lot of strength, patience, understanding, commitment, and loyalty. The loss of a child in our first year of marriage. Being a cancer survivor at 22 years old. Losing my dad suddenly a year and a half ago. I've had my fair share but it has shaped me into the woman I am today. It's made me stronger. It's made me more compassionate, it's made me more accepting of things I can't change. I've overcome my circumstances they have not overcome me!

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So I put together 30 things I've learned about life and about myself. I hope it inspires you to "choose happy" too! 

30: I have always hated my freckles. I remember going into my parents room at 9 years old maybe begging to wear makeup to cover up my freckles. Now I've just learned to live with him and always get complimented on them. They are even drawing freckles on models. Blows my mind. 

29: Like the Tim McGraw song goes always stay humble and kind. I was never a "mean girl" growing up. I have had "mean girl" experiences though. It's not fun and can really cause some damage. There's no benefit to being mean. It just makes you look ugly. 

28: Allow yourself time to learn from things. Whether it's a simple lesson. Or one of the worst things in your life. There is no getting over anything there is just getting through it. 

27: Find joy! Find it in everything! Your babies laugh, the beautiful sunshine outside, a tv show even. If you allow yourself to stay in the hole you will never get out. Make the effort to choose joy/happiness over everything. 

26: Explore! Take a chance and plan a trip. Save money for that vacation and actually do it. Once you start you can't stop. Or just get in the car and drive see what surrounds you. 

25: Create! I don't care what it is just make something. Whether it's a song, a painting, crocheting a scarf, a dance. Who cares what it looks/sounds like. Express yourself in a way only you can. It feels so great to create something from a good place, a bad place etc. It relieves so much stress. 

24: Cry! I don't know about you but it causes me physical pain when I hold back my tears. Or when I hold back my feelings I get really irritable. There's a reason why we were made to cry. We have to get all those feelings out of our body. To start again brand new. 

23: NO FEAR! I went through life being afraid all the time. Afraid of making the wrong decision. Afraid of getting lost. Afraid of success. You just gotta do you and the rest will fall into places. 

22: Timing. It's honestly all in God's timing. When you get disappointed in something. Whether a job, a relationship or opportunities remember God knows what he's doing and he may be protecting you from something. Trust in that. When it's right it's right and when it's wrong it's wrong. 

21: You're beautiful exactly as god made you. All the imperfections are what makes us unique and rare. Don't try and be anyone else but you. There's only ONE you! 

20: Musically. Don't try and sound like anyone else. You have a unique voice, a unique style if you just be yourself you'll be surprised by the reaction.
19: Nothing and Nobody can make you a victim. You allow yourself to be the victim. Take your situation and allow it to make you stronger. Sure cry over it, think about it. Ask yourself "What can I change about myself to be better?" then move on. Pick yourself up again and be strong! Be Brave!

18: It's ok to not wear makeup. I've tried it! You can rub your eyes! You look even more beautiful when you don't wear it.

17: Pat Benatar: "I believe there comes a time when everything just falls in line we live and learn from our mistakes the deepest cuts are healed by faith." All Fired Up. AMEN Pat! AMEN!

16: There's a movie quote for every situation in life!

15: It's ok to be silly! In fact I encourage it. Dance around, make funny/ugly faces at people. Make jokes. Don't be so serious all the time.

14: Know what you believe in stick to it. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. "If you don't stand for something you will fall for anything"
13: Try things outside of your comfort zone. It's such a freeing experience. Where you aren't worried about what people will say. People love confidence, authenticity, and truth. Be all those things.

12: Don't apologize for being successful. Don't let people make you feel bad for being happy or content in life.

11: Take constructive criticism as helpful tools to be better not judgement to tear you down.

10: Don't be a know-it-all. There's always something new to learn.

9: People are the most important thing in life. Not money, not stuff, not experiences, not houses etc. When all is said and done we are left with people at the end of our lives. So invest in the people you love.

8: Take care of yourself or you will run yourself into the ground. Taking care of people 24/7 can take its toll on you too. You need a break too!

7: Just breathe! Whatever you're going through just take a breath.

6: Be present. Don't be so distracted all the time that you miss the moments. Moments with your children or your parents you will never get that time back.

5: Confidence is sexy!

4: Put time and effort into your craft. It takes time and practice to get better and whatever you do.

3: Things in life will not be handed to you even if they are. You should want to work hard for everything you get.

2: Be a fighter! Anytime something or someone tries to bring you down. Fight the negative whispers in your ear telling you you aren't good enough! Be an inspiration to others!

1: Most importantly just be you because everything else is just a trend. 

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