Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Conversations with a six year old

"When I go to the beach I'm going to go bananas! "

"When I'm eleven I'm going to be as tall as my mom."

{Jaguar Commercial}
"Yeah I'm getting that car!"

{Driving in car}
Riley: It smells like farts!
Daddy: It's tires....

Riley: You know who has the biggest feet?
Mommy: Who?
Riley: God!

{Driving in car}
Mommy to Daddy: You better stop while you are ahead you keep digging yourself into a hole.
Riley: What are you guys talking about?
Daddy: Mommy's being sassy and I'm being sassy back and she doesn't like it. 
Riley: Maybe you should just stop talking and just enjoy the ride. 

{A place for mom commercial}

Riley: I need that!
Mommy: ..... {turns to her} For what?!
Riley:....... For you.

{Cleaning up room}
Mommy: Riley what's this? {beads in a cup}
Riley: It's from your bracelet.
Mommy: So you broke it and hid it from me?
Riley:.......I was pretending it was soup!

{Playing dress up} 
Riley: Mommy you look beautiful with those earrings!
Mommy: Thank you.
Riley: You should take your hair down because you're too beautiful I can't look!

Riley: Why do you like Ariel so much?
Mommy: I think it's because it was my first favorite movie...The Little Mermaid.
I think it came out when I was born.
Riley: That's really old!.....Like really, really, really, really, old, old, old, old!


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