Wednesday, May 7, 2014

{Conversations with a five-year old}

Riley: Daddy what do you do at work?
Daddy: I sit at a desk and call people to get them to join the Army.
Riley: That's all you do?
Daddy: Haha yeah 

Riley: We got tooglers Mommy!
Mommy: Tooglers?
Riley: Yeah it's red and it's strawberry
Mommy: Twizzlers?
Riley: Yeah!

Riley: Look it's a bomb..right mommy?
Mommy: A bomb?
Riley: Yeah
Mommy: You mean ambush? {I said ambush earlier}
Riley: Yeah! ........ That's an ambush! {Pointing to the track team running towards us}

Daddy: What color are your eyes?

Riley: Blueish green like yours! We have the same eyes!

Daddy: What color is your hair?

Riley: Blonde like yours! We have the same hair! .........but not the same pajamas.

{Getting Ready for School}
Riley: Mommy! I'm tired of wearing leggings all the time! I just want to take a break from them!

Mommy: Well what do you want to wear then?

Riley: A DRESS!

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