Tuesday, November 12, 2013

{DIY} upcycle Chair part 1

It has taken me sooooo long to finish this chair. I think I bought it a year ago maybe ? It's hard when you get picky about how you want it to look. I got it for $10 at the local Salvation Army. I was looking for a new desk chair and I really loved the idea of redoing one myself. That way I could have more control over what it looked like. It would also save me a lot of money too. I searched and searched for the ideal fabric print that I wanted. I kept getting stuck because there wasn't a lot of local options that I could see in person. I finally went took the long trip to Hobby Lobby and found this gorgeous written script fabric. The vision was created in my head so I slowly got to work. I can't even tell you how long it took to get all these steps done. But it was spread out over the entire year so I'm sure you get the idea.

 I slowly accumulated my supplies. I researched everywhere on the best way to do the seat cushion. That was another set back. I want to make sure I am doing it the best and fastest way too. I am not a patient person, not even a little bit. I finally found one blog that just stapled their fabric over the existing. {since it was still in ok condition and didn't smell bad} That was pretty simply actually.t After I unscrewed the bottom of the cushion to separate it from the chair. I just laid the fabric on the floor and placed the cushion over and followed along with the previous fabric and stapled away.

Next I got my tools to give the chair a good sanding. I sat and thought a good long time on if I should just get the primer that you don't need to sand with. Putting yet another halt on the project. There were some scratches and dings so I just went ahead and sanded it down with a medium then a fine grit reusable sanding pad from ACE.
I had leftover gray basic primer from my desk redo so I just went with that. No need to spend more money.

Then came the color choice! I originally wanted to do it black so it would match. But if you know me well. You know everything I have is black. And I didn't like the idea of white with the fabric I chose. It wasn't until my hubby suggested maybe I should go with red that my mind started reeling with the possibilities. I started envisioning a bright red chair. Then I googled it a little bit. Some people went with a bold, bright red. But I wanted a little more subtle..something a little more romantic. So literally yesterday I finally decided on a shade of red to paint the chair! YAY!

Also, I picked up this tool to make it easier to do spray paint. I thought about doing it with a brush but I really didn't want the brush strokes. Also, chairs are kinda hard to paint lots of little crevices, nooks and crannys.. So I decided on spray paint. I went with this burgundy red. In the sun it looks bright but not too bright. Which makes it the perfect shade. It's called Satin Burgundy by KRYLON. It took about 1 1/2 cans of paint to get the desired shade and cover it all.
I still need to put a little finish on it. But I love how it turned out! 

 Before & After



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