Wednesday, October 2, 2013

7x7 Remix : Fashion Challenge {Day 1}

So here we are day one of the 7x7 Remix fashion challenge. I'm so excited with what I came up with. Fashion is art to me and I love creating this stuff. I get a little out of body experience and put things together and then look at it in the mirror and "wow" myself. "Did I just come up with that?" 
I love this outfit it's a perfect mix of casual and chic! I love being able to be so versatile with this skirt. The color is so feminine and soft! Ahhh it's just so romantic! Definitely something I could wear everyday or out on a date. 

Just a little refresher on my 7 items

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Make sure you come back tomorrow for Day #2

If you don't remember what this fun little fashion challenge is. Re-read my previous post here


  1. love this! the colors look so good together and they are perfect for fall.

  2. This outfit is so cute! I love love love the skirt and I love that you paired it with a more casual top! Thanks for joining!

    1. Thank you Natalia! Thanks for hosting I'm glad to join :)

  3. Love this skirt. Gorgeous. I also host a weekly link up called Tres-Chic Fashion Thursday Link Up. Stop by and say hi.



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