Tuesday, June 18, 2013

{Photo Bomber} My mini fashionista

Everyone seemed to love the photo of my mini photo bomber in the last post. So I decided I should dedicate an entire post just to her and all the fun little times she's gotten in on the action. She thinks she's a mini model and it's so cute. She definitely has the posing down that's for sure. Sometimes she waits her turn to get pictures of her when we are shooting for my fashion posts. Other times not so much, she just comes right in and gets in there with me, even pulling up a chair too.  It's pretty hilarious actually! She's my mini me and I love her so much! One of these days she's going to pass me up and steal the show. That's alright though, she's cute and I don't mind it.

She stole my hat too!

Then she turned into a hair stylist for the shoot as well. She's a jack of all trades!


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