Thursday, April 16, 2020

Outta my head

Seeing how Colorado decided to dump a truck load of snow on us twice this week. I decided to get this last outfit post up on the blog. Hope and pray for warmer weather so we can start doing some spring outfits. 
I have no idea what day it is at this point or what month it is. It's constantly the same thing everyday. I'm not enjoying remote learning. It's quite the challenge. I give all the props to the parents who have multiple children doing this. I got one and I'm pulling my hair out. Even bigger props to the teachers who deal with everyones' kids at the same time for months on end. But I'm pretty sure the kids are on the best behavior for strangers. They leave the "good" stuff for us parents. 
It's got me really thinking about getting a tutor. Buying teachers gifts well in advance for the end of the year. It's going to be a whole thing. I appreciate them so much. 
 You know who else is being appreciated during this time? Stay at home moms. While husbands/dads had kind of an idea of what we dealt with on a daily basis. They get to live it full time now day in and day out. My hubby said and I quote " I never said it wasn't hard. But yes it's a lot harder than I thought." 
All of us stay at home moms are cheering and rejoicing worldwide. We finally get the validation, the appreciation we've been wanting for years. A new day has dawned. Amen..Hallelujah! 
I hope all you moms are hanging in there. I hope all you dads are hanging in there. I hope all you teachers, medical professionals are hanging in there. It's been such a bizarre time. Let me tell you a lot of feelings have come out. Being stuck in a house forces you to deal with said feelings.
Pray for me! 
I hope you are all surviving.. Another week down. 


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