Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Dream a little dream....

Hello! It's a new year! I feel like this is a fresh start. I'm super motivated to getting things accomplished this year. I took a really long break. While being pregnant, having a newborn, moving two times, and the sudden passing of my Dad I was in a fog to say the least. Now I've got my motivation back and I'm pushing forward. If you follow me on instagram you may have seen videos I've been posting. I started a project back in September. I got inspired by a few people to start "Project 365". I basically do something I love every single day for a year. I've seen it done in different ways. A photographer I learned about a few years ago moved out to the wilderness to get back to his love of nature photography. He would only allow himself to take one photo for the entire day. He would set out at dawn in search of that one inspiring moment. He wouldn't return til evening, get up and do it all over again for an entire year. It's an amazing idea that just ignites your passions again. We can all get caught up in the "busyness" of life. So caught up that we forget about our passions. Or we forget about why we are doing things we used to be so passionate about in the beginning. That's what Project 365 is all about! Push yourself, put yourself out there, take a chance, live your dreams!

That's what I did I'm posting a video of me singing {mostly covers, some original songs} everyday on instagram. Follow me @ashley.reed

I was also recently handpicked to attend a model and talent expo this summer. I started a Gofund me to help me get there. Click here if you want to support me Gofundme

Photo credit: Kesha Shonet photography


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