Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Conversations with a six year old

{Daddy going back inside from shoveling snow}

Daddy come back! You don't leave a lady like that!

{Telling a friend how I had stepped into a gofer hole during our family pictures}

Riley: What's a goblin hole? 

{Cleaning the bathroom}

Riley: Mommy when I get older can I clean all the time?

Mommy: Yeah, in fact I guarantee it 

{Cleaning toilet }
Riley: I'm really good at this ! 

Riley to Daddy: You're taking your sweet time 

Riley: Mommy I went under water I plugged my nose and put my head under water

Mommy: Wow does that mean you are ready to swim in hawaii ? 

Riley: Uhh not really 

Daddy to Riley: Your mommy acts like she's never had a baby 

Riley: Really ?

Daddy: No 

Riley: Oh 

Mommy: Where should we go for our anniversary Riley ? 

Riley: I want to take you out for ice cream

Mommy: Oh really that's nice 
Are you going to pay? 

Riley: No I have to save for college!
I can give you a quarter.

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