Friday, March 8, 2013

{Fashion}..casual maxi

Right when I think we are home free from this snow. It dumps like 3-5 inches on us and is continuing to dump! { I seriously can't wait to be blogging about something other than the snow and how it puts a damper on plans}  Definitely missing California right about now. 
The beaches, the sun, the relaxation! Maybe I just need a little vacation already. As well as a tan this little puerto rican is looking a bit white these days! Yes Puerto Rican! That may be news to some. I'm only half though! Since we have a snow day and no school today. I have to think of some indoor activities for the little munchkin to do!

Thought I would do as I set out to do and add a bit more color to my wardrobe! With a pop of Red! Red is one of my fave colors so I don't know why I wouldn't have more of it. I guess add that to my wishlist!
Happy Friday!
Skirt: Wetseal, Striped top: Forever21, Denim Shirt:Wetseal, Necklace Forever21, shoes: jcpenney


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